Nutritional Therapy

Ruth Seymour (BA, DipNut)

Registered Nutritional Therapist (BANT, CNHC)

Let me help you use food to improve your health.   I take a very realistic approach to help you improve your health in a way that suits you and your lifestyle. You will not have to give up all the food you love!  I specialise in resolving digestive issues, hormonal challenges including PMT, PCOS and menopause, fatigue, anxiety, stress resilience, muscle aches/pains, sleep challenges and migraines.  I work with children and adults. I am also a registered Nutrigenomics practitioner with Lifecode GX, enabling me to personalise your nutrition in even more detail if you wish.  In-person consultations are available from Fox Hall Clinic, Clevedon or online via zoom.  Please see my website for further information and to book a free call.

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